About Chef Rico

Chef Rico, was born in Hickory, NC to Leatha Quick and Jerome Gore. He was inspired to become a chef, while in a vocational training program in Durham, NC when he met head Chef Willie Lane. Chef Lane inspired Rico to turn his life around, and he was responsible for the realization of his true talent: cooking and culinary arts.

Rico’s desire to learn culinary arts, his hard work ethic and undeniable talent, resulted not only in his success in Chef Willie Lane’s kitchen, but he was able to attain over 1500 hours of instruction and experience, which allowed him to pursue his dream in culinary arts. Years after graduating from the Career training program, Chef Gore relocated back to Hickory, NC to get more experience in a professional kitchen as a Chef de Partie with aspirations of becoming a Chef  de Cuisine and Restaurateur. 

 Chef Rico, a single father, currently lives in North Carolina, where he has been successful in managing his career thus far as he pursues an Executive Chef position. Always the entrepreneur, he is currently working on numerous endeavors including, writing his first cookbook, creating a food blog, starting his own brand of spices and seasonings, and establishing several clients. In the future, Chef Rico plans to open his own fine eatery establishment, where the menu will be a fusion of some of America’s most popular dishes. The dishes included on the menu will reflect some of the most popular dishes that people usually have to travel to other states to enjoy.  Chef Rico wants to ensure that people do not have to travel to various locations to enjoy some of their favorite dishes; instead they will be able to enjoy them in their home state of North Carolina.

In addition to his mentors, Rico gives thanks to his Bible teacher David Williams for being responsible for the respectable and well-groomed man that he is today.


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