Types of Chefs and Their Job Duties

When talking about the system of chefs positions, I must say that there is a strict hierarchy. Basically the whole hierarchy came from The French Brigade system. Originally, this system was found to make the kitchen run as smoothly as possible. So, lets find out about the chef types, which are needed to be employed in your restaurant:
  1. Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine). He is responsible for payroll, food-cost, personnel management, menu creation and essentially everything that happens in the kitchen.
  2. Senior Chef (Chef de Partie). The Senior Chef directs the prep work of kitchen staff and assistant cooks in his or her area.
  3. Demi Chef. He specializes in one type of dish and perhaps directs the prep work of staff key to that specialty.
  4. Saucier (The Sauce Chef, Assistant Chef, is the right-hand to the Executive Chef).Traditionally, it is the highest respected role in the kitchen brigade system of stations, reporting directly to the head chef or sous-chef. The Sauce Chef is responsible for sautéing foods and preparing soups and stews.
  5. Poissonnier (Fish Chef). He is responsible for the preparation of all fish dishes in the kitchen – acquiring fresh fish on a daily basis from local fishermen or other merchants, bringing in non-local catches, as needed, to supplement the menu.
  6. Rotisseur (Roast Chef). He is in charge of preparing any roasted or braised meats on the menu – from steaks to veal to lamb or any other similar items.
  7. Grillardin (Grill Chef). He is responsible for any foods that must be grilled – meats, poultry, or even vegetables.
  8. Friturier (Fry Cook). He is in charge of any foods that must be cooked in oils or other animal fats – from meats to potatoes to vegetables.
  9. Vegetable Chef. This type is divided into two positions: a potager chef (in charge of making any soups that are on the menu) and a legumier chef (in charge of preparing any vegetable dishes).
  10. Tournant (All-purpose Chef). He has to move from station to station, assisting with any tasks, as needed.
  11. Garde Manager (Pantry Chef). He is in charge of most cold dishes on the menu, making any large buffet services look presentable.
  12. Boucher. He is in charge of preparing all meats and poultry before they are delivered to their respective stations for preparation in menu dishes.
  13. Patissier (Pastry Chef). It is one of the most beloved of all the station chefs. He is responsible for creating or preparing baked goods, such as breads and pastries.

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